Dr. Brian Swanson provides a wide range of
strength-based psychotherapeutic services
targeting the needs and challenges of children,
transitional age youth, adults, as well as couples
​and families.  More specifically, Dr. Swanson
offers a comprehensive, evidence-based, and
highly effective treatment approach that allows
for practical strategies and interventions for
difficulties within the home, school, work and
other social environments.  Dr. Swanson’s
individualized clinical practice also incorporates the latest empirical research and developments within the field.  Dr. Swanson’s experienced and thoughtful assessment and treatment includes the following primary areas of focus:

  • Individual Therapy (children, transitional age youth, and adults):

    • Academic difficulties
    • Behavioral and oppositional challenges
    • Depressive symptoms
    • Anxiety and stress symptoms
    • Grief and loss issues
    • Trauma experiences

  • Couples and Family Therapy:

    • Relationship challenges
    • Family discord

  • Group Therapy:

    • Adolescent social skills group
    • Teen issues group
    • Parent training and education group
    • Parent support group
      *Please inquire for specific group curricula & dates